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Why So Many Assholes At The Shoe Store?

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Last week I was at Har Mar “Mall” in Roseville looking to buy some new tennis shoes.  I entered Famous Footwear and began my search.  It was semi crowded in there.  Which surprised me because it was Monday afternoon, but I guess shoe shopping on summer break is the in thing to do.

While I was in the back of the store I heard a commotion and began to walk toward it.  Whatever was going on I missed the initial spark but, what I did see was two women in their early twenties and one guy (not sure how old he was as I didn’t get a good look at him) were ripping shoes from the shelves and throwing them.  I found out later during a conversation I had with the clerk  that the two women thought the store clerks were following them around because they were suspicious that they were going to steal.

I hate crowds, so I wasn’t paying attention to anything other than finding shoes I liked and getting out of the store.  So it is hard to say whether or not the clerks were following them around, but the women’s reaction tends to make me think the clerks were not far off on their assessment of the situation.  Or maybe that type of thing has happened before and they were fed up with being stereotyped.  Or maybe they were going to steal some shoes and were put off by the fact their plan had been foiled by those meddling store clerks.  Whatever their reason for the reaction, it was a bit over the top to say the least.

While I was purchasing my new shoes the clerk was giving me the details, and she added that she had just recently moved to the area from Flint, MI.

“I thought Flint was bad.” She said.

Lady, people are assholes everywhere, no specific geographical location require.