Be A Dick Later – Enjoy The Holidays Now.

I am in a festive mood.  I can’t help it, tis the season.  I have always liked Christmas.  It seems to bring out the best in me.  How could anyone not like receiving presents, drinking with their friends and family and a Christmas ham?  Not everyone feels like that though.  Some people hate Christmas.  Maybe they are still harboring some grudge against Santa Claus for the Flash Gordon action figure they never got as a kid (I asked for it and never got it either).  Move past it.

My family Christmas parties were legendary as a kid.  My brother, sister and myself all trying to convince my parents that 3 AM was late enough and that we needed to get to bed or Santa wouldn’t come.  Dad would always assure us that Santa would come…when he was good and ready.  Not a minute before. As a kid, I watched these adults party like that and never even realized what the important part of Christmas was.  The company you keep, the laughs (and hangover) you share with your people.  I guess that is why some individuals don’t like Christmas, they don’t like their people.

I have a person in my family that I don’t speak to much and I get along with less, but I am going to try, for the one evening to mend a fence.  To be a person without judgement and spite.  For those thoughts will always be with you, but you can put them aside and find a common ground one day of each year.  Unless someone brings whiskey to the party, then all bets are off.  Merry Christmas!


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